Ogando Productions

About us


Ogando Productions, established in 2021 by Ydania Ogando, an experienced filmmaker in the American film industry, stands as a testament to her vision. Partnering with producers Ann Karol Rizik and Sahyris Giselle Montero, they have forged a trailblazing film production company at the forefront of female leadership.


At Ogando Productions, our mission is to produce high-quality films that showcase our passion and creativity. We are committed to bringing compelling stories to the screen, from conception to final production, that stir emotions and bring our audience’s deepest imaginations to life.

We strongly believe in the power of cinema to create dreams and leave a lasting impression on the audience. As such, we are dedicated to ensuring that each of our productions reflects this belief.


Ogando Productions aims to become a leading high-quality film production company in the Dominican Republic and Latin America within the next 5-10 years. Our goal is to establish ourselves as a globally recognized quality seal by creating innovative and emotionally impactful productions, expanding our presence at renowned film festivals, and developing new technologies to enhance the creative and production process.


With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a deep passion for cinema, we strive to produce meaningful and compelling films that leave a lasting impression on audiences, while also contributing to the advancement of regional and global film culture.


❝Cinema, for me, is a constantly expanding universe that provokes emotions and tells stories. As a writer and filmmaker, I have an immense passion for bringing characters to life and exploring various themes. Each project is an opportunity to express my vision and creativity. Cinema is my passion and my driving force to leave a lasting impact on the hearts of the audience.❞.

Ydania Ogando

Founder - Director - Writer

An accomplished filmmaker with over a decade of experience in the American film industry, having worked on productions by renowned directors including Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, and Todd Phillips.

Ydania has worked on Oscar award winning films such as Wolf of Wall Street, Joker, and West Side Story which have earned her recognition as a talented and dedicated filmmaker with a passion for bringing compelling stories to the screen.

Ann Karol Rizik


A lawyer specialized in Transnational Business Law, Fiscal and Tax Law, she boasts a vast experience in providing legal and financial counsel to corporate clients and individuals across the Dominican Republic and the surrounding region. With a keen interest in cinema, she has also leveraged her expertise to support the film industry, offering legal and financial guidance to producers and filmmakers alike.

By seamlessly combining her legal and creative acumen, she has made significant contributions in both spheres, ensuring the seamless integration of legal and financial aspects into the creative process of filmmaking. As a result, filmmakers can focus solely on their craft, knowing that their legal and financial affairs are in capable hands.

Sahyris Giselle Montero


A Human Resources graduate with over 9 years of experience in recruitment, selection, and HR consulting for both national and international entities. She also holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and Management.

Applying her experience and passion for people in the film industry, Sahyris excels at creating optimal work environments for actors, directors, and technical teams to produce cinematic masterpieces. Her outstanding ability to manage teams and human resources has consistently elevated the quality of film productions she has worked on.